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Signs Your Steering System Needs Servicing

Signs Your Steering System Needs Servicing | Crossroads Tire Service

As a driver, there's nothing quite as unsettling as the possibility of your steering system failing. It's imperative to comprehend how your steering system operates to ensure safe driving and avoid common problems.

How Does The Steering System Work?

At its core, the steering system is what gives you control over the direction of your car. Its parts include – the steering wheel, column, gears, and linkages. They all work together in order to aid you in turning and maneuvering. 

When you turn the steering wheel, this motion is transferred through various components down to your wheels, enabling them to move in the desired direction. 

Signs of Steering System Problems

Stiff Steering Wheel

A steering wheel that's hard to turn is more than just an inconvenience; it's a potential safety hazard. This stiffness often indicates low power steering fluid, a malfunctioning power steering pump, or issues with the steering rack. In colder weather, stiffness might be more pronounced due to the thickening of the steering fluid. Consistent difficulty in steering, however, warrants immediate attention.

Unusual Noises

Any noise emanating from your car during steering should not be ignored. If turning the wheel results in squeaking, whining, or groaning sounds, it's often an indication of a problem within the power steering system. These sounds could result from a loose belt, low steering fluid, or a failing power steering pump. Identifying and addressing these sounds early can prevent more severe damage.

Uneven Tire Wear

Your tires can speak volumes about the health of your steering system. Uneven wear on the tires often points to a misalignment issue, a common consequence of steering system problems. Misalignment not only affects the tires but can also lead to poor handling and increased strain on the steering components.

Wandering Car

If your vehicle pulls to one side or seems to have a mind of its own, it's a clear indication that something is off. This wandering or drifting can be caused by worn steering components, improper wheel alignment, or uneven tire pressure.

Vibrations in the Steering Wheel

If you notice the steering wheel vibrating, especially when idling or at low speeds, it could be a sign of worn steering components or issues with wheel alignment. These vibrations are not only uncomfortable but can also be indicative of underlying issues that, if left unaddressed, could lead to more serious problems.

The Most Problematic Component of the Steering System

While every part of the steering system is vital, the power steering pump often takes the crown for being the most troublesome. While that might be true, it has a reason behind it. This pump works constantly, even through the slightest correction or swerve.

Preventing Steering System Problems

Prevention, as they say, is better than cure. Regular maintenance is key. This includes checking the power steering fluid levels, inspecting the hoses and belts for signs of wear, and getting a professional wheel alignment done periodically. Also, be gentle with your steering wheel. Aggressive turning or holding the wheel in an extreme position for too long can stress the system.

Do you notice any of the signs from above? Contact the team at Crossroads Tire Service, and you'll be in and out of the shop before you know it.

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