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Why Is My Car Vibrating When I Brake?

Drivers should always pay attention to their vehicles when driving. They should especially pay attention to how their car reacts when they step on the brake pedals. If you brake and your car starts vibrating, it signifies a more significant issue. Vibrating brakes or brake shudder occurs when there are problems with the braking system, and you should fix the problem immediately.

How Does Brake Shudder Happen?

Brake shudder is an effect you feel in the brake pedals, steering wheel, or suspension when you step on the brakes when driving at high speed. The shuddering will range from mild to violent, depending on the state of the braking system. The source of the shudder will give you a clue where the problem lies. When you feel brake shudders in the steering wheel, it is probably an issue with the front rotors. When you feel the shudders in the brake pedal, the rear brake rotors are often a problem.

Causes of Brake Shudder

The following are issues that could cause your car to vibrate when you brake:

Uneven Brake Rotors

Brake rotors will become damaged over time due to the friction generated when braking. Brake pads should contact the rotors completely for optimal braking performance. The rotors' exterior will deteriorate unevenly, which means incomplete contact with the brake pads, which is the cause of the vibration.

Damaged Brake Pads

On the other hand, worn-out brake pads can lead to incomplete contact with the brake rotors.

Contamination from dirt and oil could also lead to poor grasping by the brake pads hence the brake shudder.

Alignment and Suspension Issues

If your brakes are not well aligned, the brake pads vibrate when you step on the pedal. Poor alignment will cause premature damage to the tire and the vehicle's suspension. Braking performance will be adversely affected due to damaged suspension components, particularly if you experience brake shudder when making turns.

Brake shudder signifies deeper problems with your vehicle. Please consider bringing your vehicle to Crossroads Tire Service, LLC today if you need brake repair.

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